Welcome to your  horse's house
Equestrian Pavilions

Welcome to your
horse's house

Horses need to live in optimal conditions to be able to perform properly. That's why our equestrian pavilions are ideal to protect riding centers, where horses are taken care of and trained under protection from inclement weather. Would you like to find out more about our equestrian covers?

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Equestrian Pavilions

Pavilions that are built
at the speed of a gallop.

Prefabricated pavilions are modular aluminum structures that are easily assembled. Thanks to this system, you can cover a standard riding school or stable in less than a week.

Tailored to the
equestrian competition.

Our equestrian pavilions are designed in a tailored way, measuring more than 60 meters wide and able to be of infinite length. Thus, they can be adapted to the size and conditions of any equestrian center or riding-related task. Would you like to know more about our equestrian pavilions?

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Tailored to the equestrian competition
Take care of your horses in the best of conditions

Take care of your horses in the best of conditions.

Okatent's shelters protect horses from the rain and cold by creating a climate-controlled environment where the horse feels comfortable and where you can give it all the care it needs with complete peace of mind.

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If the family grows, so does your pavilion.

Our equestrian pavilions are modular structures that can be expanded once installed. If the number of horses increases, your pavilion can be expanded easily. Would you like to enjoy an equestrian pavilion?

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Modular equestrian pavilions

Projects carried out
with equestrian covers.

Modular pavilion for equestrian competitions.

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Horse care shelter pavilion.

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Pressurized pavilion for horse riding school.

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Pavilion to cover a stable.

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Cover for the bar of a riding club

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